GDP Awareness (English)

Target audience
This course is recommended  for employees working in a warehouse, expedition department or in the transport department of pharmaceutical manufacturing companies, wholesalers, (hospital)pharmacies,  distributors and transport/logistic service companies.

This is a MBO course, which means that no specific prior education is required.

The aim of this course is to make you become aware of the fact that you are working with medicinal products. In this working area, specific rules and regulations apply and it is essential that the work is done in accordance with procedures. GDP-rules; everyone involved in the storage and / or distribution of medicinal products should know these rules and should be able to apply them.

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  • Basic knowledge about medicinal products
  • Introduction to the GDP-guideline, what is the purpose?
  • Storage and transport of medicinal products, what are the risks?
  • Basic principles of GDP

Learning objectives
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No, there is no test required for this course. Upon completion of the course, a certificate will be provided.

Average study time
It takes  30- 45 minutes to complete this course.

Dutch, English

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